Thomson Project

S. Harrison Thomson’s, The Writings of Robert Grosseteste Bishop of Lincoln, 1235-1253 has been a vade mecum for students of Grosseteste since it was published in 1940. Inevitably, corrections and editions to Thomson have been suggested in the last seventy years but these have been scattered through a variety of books, articles, theses and conference papers with the result that it has been difficult for even the most assiduous scholar of Grosseteste to keep track of them. A readily available, updated and updatable list of primary sources that could replace Thomson is clearly a desideratum that would facilitate and inform any future work on Grosseteste and this possibility has been actively discussed by the Society for some years now.

Prof. James Ginther is currently preparing a grant proposal which would allow him to put together this work and make it freely available online. To this end, he would like to hear from anyone who now or in the future could assist with any of the following areas:

  • Suggesting additions or corrections to Thomson (these could have come from your own work or from notes made from the work of others). These would, of course, be acknowledged.
  • Checking the details in Thomson against copies of the MSS you have made or against the originals in nearby libraries or ones you are visiting. This would be acknowledged on the database.
  • Acting as section editors to supervise information submitted to the database.
  • Making suggestions about the kind of information that this database could usefully provide you.

All going well, the final database would include listings for locating and describing the manuscripts of Grosseteste’s works (as well as their modern editions) and quotations from Grosseteste in other writers. If you have any suggestions regarding the project or if you have information you would like to contribute you should contact Prof. Ginther.

Minster Church of St Mary, Stow in Lindsey, the mother church of Lincoln