About Grosseteste

Neil Lewis, ‘Robert Grosseteste‘ in The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

Francis Urquhart, ‘Robert Grosseteste‘ in The Catholic Encyclopedia (1910).

The Ordered Universe Project. The aim of the project is to re-edit, translate Grosseteste’s scientific treatises, and present them from the perspective of their own intellectual history, and to analyse them functionally, using where appropriate the insights and conceptual tools of modern science.

The Ordered Human Project models itself on the Ordered Universe Project idea but brings historians and philosophers together with academics who are interested in any aspect of the theory, practice, philosophy or psychology of education.

Images of Grosseteste

London, British Library, MS Royal 6.E.v, fol. 1ra. 14th cent.


Bishop Grosseteste University, Lincoln. The college has hosted the meetings of the Grosseteste Society.

Documenta Catholica Omnia. Gateway to Latin sources for ecclesiastical history.

The Fitzralph Society. Richard Fitzralph (d. 1360), theologian and Chancellor of Oxford University.

Lincoln Cathedral. The Grosseteste Chapel houses the bishop’s tomb.

The Lollard Society. Grosseteste was one of the Lollards’ favourite authorities.

Edward Burne Jones stained glass from St Paul's Church, Morton, Lincolnshire

Edward Burne Jones stained glass from St Paul’s Church, Morton, Lincolnshire