This page lists ongoing or planned projects related to Grosseteste. Bringing this information together may prevent the duplication of research or facilitate contact between people working in the same area. The contact details of the people mentioned below can be found in The Society page (if they are not members, we have tried to provide an address). If you are working on a Grosseteste project at the moment and would like it listed here, please contact Gioacchino Curiello. (You don’t have to have any Society connection and you can decide what level of detail you would like to supply).

Publications in Progress

The Ordered Universe Project is editing Grosseteste’s scientific works. De colore was published in 2013. The project is currently working on De iride, De generatione sonorum and De liberalibus artibus.

Greti Dinkova-Bruun, Neil Lewis, Cecilia Panti and Pietro B. Rossi are currently preparing: Robertus Grosseteste, Opuscula philosophica et theologica
for publication by PIMS. This volume will include new editions of a number of Grossetete’s shorter theological and philosophical works. Most of these works, but not all, were previously edited by Baur, including Grosseteste’s De veritate, De statu causarum, Letter 1, and De veritate propositionis.

Luke Fidler (Northwestern University, Department of Art History) is investigating the significance of Grosseteste’s De luce for the work of avant-garde filmmakers during the 1960s and 70s in New York. His research will be published in a special issue of Postmedieval: a journal of medieval cultural studies (vol. 7, no. 1, 2016).

Frank Mantello and Joe Goering are editing the following sermons: no. 12 (In libro Numerorum…), no. 13 (Beatus Paulus….), no. 19 (Premonitus a venerabili patre…), and no. 31 (Scriptum est de Leuitis…).

Neil Lewis has an edition, translation and study of Grosseteste’s De libero arbitrio in press with the British Academy.

Michael Robson is editing Grosseteste’s ‘Franciscan’ sermons.

Michele Trizio (University of Bari) is preparing a critical edition of Grosseteste’s translations of the commentaries on books 5 (one anonymous and the other by Michael of Ephesus) and 6 (Eustartius of Nicea) of the Nichomachean Ethics. After this he intends to address the Notulae.

Brett W. Smith is editing Dictum 91 (Sermon 77).

Ongoing Theses & Dissertations

Aaron Hope is completing a PhD at University College, London, which deals in part with Grosseteste’s attitude to the episcopal office and the responsibilities of spiritual government. More specifically, he investigates in detail the activities of his deputy, Robert Marsh (brother of Adam Marsh), during the bishop’s absences from the diocese of Lincoln.

Other Projects

James Ginther: Updates to S. Harrison Thomson’s The Writings of Robert Grosseteste, Bishop of Lincoln, 1235-1253 (Cambridge University Press, 1940).