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The Ordered Human Project is based at Bishop Grosseteste University and it is led by two Principal Investigators, Dr Jack Cunningham and Dr Steve Puttick. It is a subsidiary of the Ordered Universe Project and it models itself on the Durham idea, however the OHP brings historians and philosophers together with academics who are interested in any aspect of the theory, practice, philosophy or psychology of education. Our principal aims are twofold. Firstly we wish to produce an edited volume called perhaps, Robert Grosseteste and the Ordered Human, which will contain chapters from a wide range of academics including historians and modern educationalists which will explore Grosseteste’s contribution to educational thought. Secondly, we hope eventually to produce resources for schools based on the life and works of our bishop. You can see some of the projects that are already in progress on our website if you click on ‘projects’ at https://sites.bishopg.ac.uk/ordered-human-project/

If any members of the International Robert Grosseteste Society feel that they would like to be involved in the project in any way (large or small) we would love to hear from them. Just get in touch via e-mail with your ideas for input. We can be contacted at: