Servus Gieben OFM Cap.

Fr Servus Gieben (b. 23 September 1924) died on 5 February 2014 in his community in Tilburg (NL). He had been a Capuchin for 71 years during which he wrote extensively on the history of his order. In 1970 he was appointed director of the Franciscan Museum in Rome. He worked at the Capuchin Historical Institute until last year when he retired due to illness and returned to his native country. Fr Gieben was a pioneer of Grosseteste studies. He produced editions of Grosseteste’s texts (notably the Hexameron which he edited with R. C. Dales), a Grosseteste bibliography (culled from library catalogues across Europe when such things had not been digitised), and articles on various aspects of Grosseteste studies. Fr Gieben was a genial man and a generous scholar who was always ready to help other people with their research and who was very modest about his pivotal contribution to the field.