On 8 October 2013, Robert Grosseteste Day, Prof. Richard Bower of Durham University will be delivering a free lecture open to students, staff, and members of the public. The lecture: “Robert Grosseteste, the first Cosmologist?” will take place at 11.00 am in Bishop Grosseteste University Chapel (Lincoln). Prof. Bower is an outstanding astrophysicist who works on the evolution and formation of galaxies. He is also a phenomenal public speaker.

Before the lecture at 10am in the chapel there will be an act of worship called the Office of Readings. It will include an extract from the writings of Robert Grosseteste, hymns, and other musical elements. All are welcome.

Enquires to: Rev Dr Peter Green: (01522) 583607, E peter.green@bishopg.ac.uk

Dr Jack Cunningham: (01522) 583728, E j.p.cunningham@bishopg.ac.uk

See details: Robert Grosseteste Cosmologist flyers