Robert Grosseteste and His Intellectual Milieu: New Editions and Studies
Edited by John Flood, James R. Ginther, and Joseph W. Goering
Papers in Mediaeval Studies 24. Toronto: PIMS, 2013.
ISBN 978–0–88844–824–8 • Cloth • $90.00

Publisher’s websiteIntellectual Milieu

ESSAYS: James R. Ginther, ‘Introduction.’  Neil Lewis, ‘Libertas arbitrii in Robert Grosseteste’s De libero arbitrio.’  Mette Lebech and James McEvoy, ‘Robert Grosseteste’s Understanding of Human Dignity.’  Joseph W. Goering, ‘Robert Grosseteste’s Dicta: The State of the Question.’  James McEvoy, ‘Robert Grosseteste as Spiritual Guide.’  Michael Robson OFM Conv., ‘Robert Grosseteste’s Two Sermons to the Friars Minor in Commendation of Evangelical Poverty.’  Edgar Laird, ‘Robert Grosseteste, Ptolemy, and Christian Knowledge.’  R. James Long, ‘Adam’s Rib: A Test Case for Natural Philosophy in Grosseteste, Fishacre, Rufus, and Kilwardby.’  Cecilia Panti, ‘Robert Grosseteste and Adam of Exeter’s Physics of Light: The Transmission, Authenticity and Chronology of Grosseteste’s Scientific Opuscula.’  John Flood and James McEvoy, ‘Romanorum malleus et contemptor: Confessional Identity and the Early Modern Reputation of Robert Grosseteste.’

TEXTS:  Cecilia Panti, ‘Robert Grosseteste’s De luce: A Critical Edition.’  Neil Lewis, ‘Robert Grosseteste On Light: An English Translation.’  Meridel Holland, ‘Robert Grosseteste’s Translation of John of Damascus’s The Dialogue of the Christian and the Saracen: An Edition and English Translation.’  Michael W. Dunne, ‘“The Ten Commandments of the Lord”: An Edition and English Translation of Robert Grosseteste’s Sermon 86.’